ko-chi massage


massage therapy practice

with focus on deep work

Operated by Petr Pulchart, RMT

The clinic provides service to clients of all ages: 

  1. *Maintaining enjoyable physical and mental balance

  2. *Solving problems impeding normal function

  3. *Relieving uncomfortable tensions and pains

  4. *Correcting chronic problems and repetitive strain injuries

  5. *Developing individual stretching plans

  6. *Increasing people's well being through this set of modalities:

    -Swedish Massage

    -Neuromuscular / Trigger Point Therapy

    -Structural Alignment

    -Thai Yoga massage

    -Hot Stone Massage

To book an appointment:

416 -731 41 06


64 A Galley Avenue

Toronto, ON


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Thank you for your visit!
Petr Pulchart, RMT